Monday, November 10, 2014

TED Ed. Post #3

TED Ed. is quite the amazing platform for creating online lessons. I find it particularly valuable for making flipped classroom videos. Though it seems that we can only make lessons from TED talks, there are an abundance of Ted talks and ways they can apply to the classroom. I choose Maysoon Zayid's Ted Talk "I've good 99 problems but palsy is just one" for my flipped classroom video.

The Maysoon Zayid TED Ed addresses many language learning objectives. The performance indicators that I'd use are Standard-ESL1: Language for information and understanding. I can have students collecting ideas, concepts, and generalizations, and use knowledge from electronically produced texts. Also applicable is Standard - ESL 3: Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation: Students will listen, speak, read, and write in English for critical analysis and evaluation. Students will use English to express opinions and judgements on experiences, messages, and issues from a variety of perspectives

The students can meet these standards by watching the Ted Talk for homework. Then in the classroom they can conduct a short research project about cerebral palsy and what the disorder means and how people can obtain it. This short research project will meet Standard-ESL1. Then the students can meet Standard ESL 3. by either participating in a discussion or writing a short journal about cerebral palsy and how it would effect their life if they had it. They can answer questions using information from the research, TED talk, and own experience to think about how it would effect their lives and therefore how inspirational Maysson is in all her accomplishments.

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