Sunday, September 21, 2014

Diigo VS Pinterest

As a teacher I'm always looking for resources on the internet. I find so many good ones but I often forget them and don't save them for later use making the time I used to find them mostly wasted. I my technology class we discussed two different websites that can help teachers with this problem. 
Presented to us were the websites Diigo and Pinterest. These wonderful sites help teachers save the resources they find and catalogue them for future use. 

Pros of using Diigo
  • Highlight on sites that have been bookmarked and saved to the library. Highlighting makes referring back to specific information easy.
  • Multiple tags for each site you bookmark. There are even recommendations given, making tagging speedy.
  • Descriptions for each bookmark.
  • Follow anyone on Diigo and that will show up on your feed. 
  • Messages can be sent to the people you follow.


  • You can't post comments on other peoples Diigos' and you must message people get in contact with them.
  • You have to enter a CAPTCHA in order to follow people (this can make getting resources tedious)
  • When you add a bookmark suggestions are not given for other possible bookmarks.  

Pinterest Pros
  • When creating a pin you can add tags. Additionally you can search by using  specific tags.
  • Instead of just messaging you can comment on each individual post. 
  • You can follow people and they can follow you. 
  • When you re-pin something you receive suggestions of other boards to look through.
Pinterest Cons
  • You can't highlight text on pinned sites. 

I like both of the sites for different reasons. Personally I am bias towards Pinterest because I have used it before and the boards make it very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. On Pinterest I found so many resources in a short amount of time just by using a few key words. Diigo was a more confusing and I feel less to the point. It was also lot more time consuming and it took a lot more time trying to google and find a website and then think of something to describe it by and think of tags for it. Pinterest is amazing because of the pictures, I am a visual learner and have a visual memory so I found this much more useful. With Pinterest they offer similar articles with the same tags which is awesome.I will continue using Pinterest because I find it much more user friendly, though I do see the benefits of Diigo I don't think they outweigh the cons of the website. 

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